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- The organisation called Avocats Sans frontières France or ASF France founded in April 1998 aims at the application of Human rights, the restoration of the rule of law and the prevention of acts of violence and impunity.

- It was founded under the french law of July 1, 1901.

- Its name is the property of the non profit.

- Its duration is not limited.

- Its main office is in Toulouse, France (31).

The means of the organisation are: gathering of lawyers willing to provide legal advice, professional training and the mobilisation of human and material needs for international missions.

- The organisation is composed by:

-          Founding members : 30 individuals who participated to the creation of ASF France (registered at bars or other professionnal organisations).

-          Members by right: 8 professional organisations recognised as founding members.

-          Subscribing members :donate / pay a yearly fee ( and registered at bars or other professionnal organisations).

-          Active members: donate / pay a yearly fee (not necessarily registered at a bar or another professional organisation).

-          Honorary members : title given to aknowledge an important service provided by an individual or an entity to the organisation.

-          Benefactor members: financially assisted by the organisation.


Loss of membership is possible if decided so by the President or the Administrative Council (Board of Directors). 


 adm sub

Includes information on the Administrative Council (or Board of Directors)/its election rules/ its meetings’ organisation, on the General Assembly/ its organisation/ its role, on the President/ its role/ its obligation, and on the possibility of creating local branches.


endowment sub

Includes information on the ressources of organisation, the use of investment capital, the annual income, and accounting rules.


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Includes information on how the statutes of the organisation may be modified, or the organisation disbanded.


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Includes information on the obligations towards public authorities (the local Prefect, the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, …) . 



 For more information read the full text on the organisation statutes:  

Statutes PDF



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