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The organisation was created during the International Conference for Common Law Bars (CIB - Conférence Internationale des Barreaux de tradition juridique commune).


Thereafter - in 1991 - during a Congress in Yaoundé (Cameroon), a resolution was passed under the impetus of  Bar Chairmen Mario Stasi (Paris' Bar) and Titinga Pacéré (Burkina Faso's Bar).The first association was created in 1991 in Belgium. 

The first large-scale operation led by Avocats Sans Frontières was « Justice pour tous au Rwanda » (aka «Justice for all in Rwanda»). It relied on the defence by foreign lawyers of genocide convicts and victims before the Rwandan Institutions.This experience laid the foundations of ASF Movement, and was also a great first in the history of Justice, which was unanimously applauded.

From 1998 on, Avocats Sans Frontières grew with the creation of national associations in Danemark, France, Netherlands, Italy, Mali, Mauritania, Sweden, DRC  or Switzerland.Later on, others were created in Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Colombia, Guinea-Conakry, Peru, Togo or Congo-Brazzaville.



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1992         Creation of Avocats Sans Frontières Movement in Belgium.  


1998     Creation of Avocats Sans Frontières France  (ASF France).


2004   ASF France is given the special consultative status with the Economic                                                   and Social Council of the United Nations.


 2005    In April, the International Organisation of the Francophonie (OIF) gives ASF a                                         consultative status as an aknowledgment of its actions in partnership with local                                       actors of french-speaking countries. 


2005   In September, ASF France is elected to the presidency of Non-Governmental                                          -International- Organisations of the "Human Rights" section with the OIF. 


2007 Under the initiative of ASF France, the Economic Group of Interest for Lawyers                                        (composed by the National Bar Council, Paris Bar and the Bar Chairmen                                                  Conference) decides to create an Emergency Fund for Defence.


2008  Launching of the International Observatory for Lawyers.                                                                         www.observatoire-


2009  Launching of the Avocats Sans Frontières Network.                                                                      

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