aims ad axis



There are 4 of them : 


  • 1  )  To defend any person, whose fundamentals rights are threatened

          and who does not have access to an independant lawyer. 


  • 2  )  To defend lawyers and Human Rights Defenders who are victims of threats

          and assaults because of their professionnal activities;


  • 3  )  To contribute to the effective implementation of Human Rights,

           universally acknowledged and wich insure the defense of any person who is denied

            the right to an independant and free lawyer;


  • 4  )  To work towards the implementation and reinforcement of the State of Law,

           of the judicial institution, and specially of the rights to a fair trial and

           to an effective defense. 

In order to do so, ASF France use all the means available and can bring complaints before domestic and international institutions, and before judicial and non-judicial institutions, it can also intervene before them, including through civil actions before competent jurisdictions.






Every envisionned action must be justified and be related to one of the 4 following axis: 


  • Axis 1 : Emergency Defence for Human Rights defenders and victims

                     of the most serious injustice;


  • Axis 2 Protecting and reinforcing the free exercise of the lawyer profession

                      to the benefit of the most vulnerable;


  • Axis 3 Granting access to right and fair justice to the most vulnerable ;


  • Axis 4 : Reinforcing capacities and autonomisation of local justice actors. 
  • A transversal axis can be added to the list: the advocacy, to make ASF action more effective. 



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