Cambodia: Reinforcement of legal professionals capabilities

Training for cambodia law students and magistrates. 




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In 1998, the Cambodian Bar Association sollicitated the support of ASF France in the context of the reconstruction of the State of Law. Indeed, the four years long Khmers Rouges' regime had decimated the country and left its judicial system in tatters. 

The Cambodian Kingdom Bar Association (ABRC), founded in 1995, had to face huge needs in terms of access to justice, lawyers' formation and had to tackle the challenge of judging the responsibles of the Khmers Rouges regime in the Cambodian Extraordinary Courts (CETC). Initially composed of 25 lawyers members of the association, most of them back from their exile after the 1993 elections, it gathers today more than 600 members among which 107 women. 

A "Memorandum of Understanding" was signed in 2004 and renewed in 2009 between ARBC and ASF France, for the reinforcement of the capacities of the Bar and the Cambodian Lawyers Professional Training Center (CFPA).

The aim of reinforcing cambodian lawyers's capacities was pursued through the set up of formations designed for cohorts of student lawyers of the CFPA, starting in 2005, and opened to magistrates in 2009 by providing formations to the students magistrates of the Royal School of the Magistracy. 



  • To reinforce the lawyers and magistrates capacities and to diffuse rules and principles that protect Human rights to judicial actors; 
  • To contribute to the development of the Cambodian Lawyers Professional Training Center and of the Royal School of the Magistracy; 
  • To diffuse the ground principles revolving around the right to a fair trial. 



  • Training of trainers;
  • Training to justice tools: penal code, penal procedure code and anti-corruption law;
  • Training to the use of international justice instruments dedicated to the protection of human rights in domestic juridictions. 



  • A group of trainers was created :
  • Since 2009, each cohort of magistrates students  from the Royal School of the Magistracy (55 students per cohort) benefits from trainings programmes on the penal procedure and the fair trial;
  • Since 2006, each cohort of lawyers students of the Cambodian Lawyers Professional Training Center (CFPA) (40 to 60 students per cohort) benefits from training on human rights and defense rights. 
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