Laos : Renforcement of the lawyers' role

Training for intern lawyers in Laos 


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A major program of judicial system reform was undertaken in Laos in 2007 by the government with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Within this context, the Laos Bar, a young institution incepted in 1996, wished to improve the quality of the initial and continue training of its young members and its own ability to provide high-quality justice assistance to the poor.  

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ASF France and Laos Bar Assosication have worked on a collaboration concerning the following fields: 

  • initial and continue training for lawyers 
  • experience-sharing with foreign actors 
  • sharing with other judicial actors 
  • free access to justice for the most vulnerable 

The first action was launched in 2010 and focused on initial and continue training for lawyers. 



The project aimed at promoting a fair justice in Laos by reinforcing lawyers' profession and its ability to deliver high-quality justice services to the most vulnerable.  



  • Trainers' training.
  • Training on justice tools: penal code, penal procedure code, anti-corruption laws. 
  • Training on the use of international justice instruments which protect Human Rights Defenders. before domestic jurisdictions. 

Each new cohort of intern-lawyers benefits from being trained by ASF France's teams. The association provide also material support for lawyers' initial training.



  • A group of trainers was formed Un groupe de formateurs Laos est créé
  • 3 cohors of 20 to 30 intern lawyers were trained to Human and defense rights.





 Laos Bar Association, Toulouse's Bar, the Laotian Ministry of Justice. 

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With the financial support of the French Embassy in Laos.  

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