Cameroon : Dignity in prison

DIDE : Promoting the respect of minimal rules of the rights for detainees in cameroonian prisons  (déc. 2010 - june 2014)

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Within a judicial system already struggling, because of a lack of means, of human ressources, of a culture of respect for rights, or even because of trivialized corruption, the cameroonian penitentiary world is in a difficult situation. According to the Cameroonian State numbers given to the Commitee Against Torture of the United Nations (CAT) in March 2010, there were in the cameroonian prisons, on a total of 23 196 detainees, 14 265 defendants awaiting trial for 8931 convicts. Even outside the prisons, the issue of respecting the rights of the person in detention is revealed everydayby the concerning situation in police stations where detainees complain about the ill-treatments they were administered. Taking action has become an emergency in all the places of liberty deprivation in order to inform the detainees of their rights, and to make professional staffs aware of the fundamental rights of the detainees. 



To reinforce the knowledge and the respect of minimal rules and garanties due to the detainees. 

Targeted regions : Douala, Yaoundé, Bamenda and Ngaoundéré

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  • Formation : a 2 days- training session was planned in the places targeted by the project for different actors of the penitentiary world (judicial police officer, magistrates, lawyers, penitentiary staff, clerk). 
  • Judicial assistance to the most vulnerables:  a trimestrial visit of the detention place was set to allow the identification of the most vulnerables cases and to provide free judicial assistance to these persons.
  • Awareness among detainees : informative events, small conferences, documents distribution, poster displaying, rules of procedure redacting and handling to penitentiary staffs (plus a small booklet on detainees rights). 


expected results

  • Training : 480 judicial actors of the penitentiary world were trained. 
  • Judicial assistance : 500 files were handled  by the lawyers during the program.
  • Awareness: 48 visits were paid and 4000 detainees made aware of their rights.




This project was carried out in partnership with Avocats Sans Frontières Cameroun and the Bar of Cameroon. 

  ASF Cameroun       Barreau du cameroun


Cofunded by: the Foundation of the Bar of Paris, the Foundation Un monde Par tous, the Région Midi-Pyrénées and the European Union. 

fondation barreau de paris 2   fondation un monde par tous    Région Midi-Pyrénées Union Européenne

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