Mali : Respect of the detainees' rights

Dignity : Respect of the rights of detainees (sept. 2013 - dec. 2014)

Prison Mali


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This project is aimed at reinforcing the Malian judicial system and increasing the knowledge and respect of rules and minimal garantees due to persons in detention. This action follows another similar project that was carried out in the cities of Ségou, Sikasso, et Koulikoro.


Location of the projet : Bamako, Kati and Kayes

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> Free justice counseling in prisons and judicial assistance :

  • 2 days-long prison visits by a group of 5 lawyers members of ASF Mali and 2 lawyers/ magistrates of ASF France.  
  • During this visits, lawyers hold hearings in order to listen to all the detainees and to give them immediate solutions and counsel. Thanks to these meetings with the persons in detention or in custody, they identify also the most serious cases which require a follow-up.  
  • Priority is given to the most vulnerable: because of their age, their gender, their condition, their financial situation, their isolation or also their stigmatisation. 
  • About 200 files were followed until the end of the procedure by the Malian lawyers on the project. 


> Judicial actors training :

Training were designed for actors of the penal chain involved in the penitentiary system: lawyers, magistrates, judicial police officers (Police and Gendarmerie), penitentiary staff, clerk. The professional diversity of judicial actors during the training prevent the stigmatisation of a profession, and helps to initiate a dialogue, to identify the deadlocks which exist, as well as good practices.   

  • These trainings were conducted by 2 lawyers/ magistrates of ASF France and 1 lawyer of ASF Mali. 
  • Overall, about 300 judicial actors were trained .
  • The training revolved mostly around the respect of minimal rules for detention, on international agreements of the Malian State in regard to Human Rights respect. 
  • The content of the training os based on situations which were observed in the prisons.
  • After each training session, representants of each corps were encouraged to organize one-day feedbacks within the insitution they come from, and to maximise the benefits. 


> Roundtables with the heads of the judicial authorities :

A half-day roundtable was organized after the prisons visits and judicial actors training. These roundtables completed the work and the thinking process initiated during the training on minimal rules for detention. These roundtables were an instrument for dialogue and concertation : problematic issues of the judicial procedure which can lead to Human Rights violation for detainees were tackled. Judicial actors took resolutions together in order to diffuse new practices which would be more respectful of these rights.

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  • Detainees from the prisons of Bamako, Kati and Kayes benefited from free judicial counseling. 


  • About 300 judicia actors intervening in prisons were trained to minimal rules garanteeing the rights of detainees. 

  • A dialogue was initiated between the heads of the judicial institutions and resolutions were taken to improve the detention's conditions and the respect of garantees all along the penal procedure. 




This project was carried out in partnership with ASF Mali: 

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Cofunders: Bordeaux Bar, Paris Bar Foundation and the European Union.  

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Newsletter of the Mali 2014 project:

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