Cameroon : Fight against homophobia

LUDOSIG : Fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in Cameroon (june 2014-sept. 2015) 

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  • Main objective

To contribute to improve LGBTI individuals' quality of life in Cameroon. This objective will be achieved through actions against all forms of discrimination suffered by LGBTI individuals, specifically harassment, marginalization, and all discriminations and assaults based on sexual orientation and gender identity, real or presumed. 

  • Specific objective 

To provide assistance and protection to LGBTI individuals and to their defenders, while reinforcing their role and legitimity in Cameroon.

  • Location of the projet : Yaoundé, Douala, Bafoussam, Bamenda, N'Gaoundéré et Garoua.



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activities 2
  • Judicial assistance and emergency defense for threatened LGBTI individuals and their defenders 

The mission of emergency defense and judicial assistance is justified by the alarming situation of murdered and convicted LGBTI individuals in Cameroon. Quite often, their arrest are based solely on the basis of denunciation and is undertaken in a flagrant breach of respect for rules and national/ international judicial standards: intervention without warrants, excessive preventive detentions 

  • Creation of a shelter for LGBTI individuals and their defenders in Cameroon 

The objectif of the creation of a shelter is to provide physical protection to LGBTI individuals and their defenders. 

  • Information and sensibilization campaign among civil sociey, media and local authorities 

The challenge is to convey a message and sensibilize to the situation of LGBTI individuals without this being seen as an apology of the practice. Thus, the specific message on LGBTI individuals will be anchored in a more general context of fight against Human Rights' violation.  

  • National solidarity network of organizations protecting LGBTI individuals 
  • Roundtables on advocacy skills for the civil society and local media 

The objective of implementing roundtables on advocacy skills for the civil society, religious leaders and local media is precise: reinforcing and improving links between these actors and thus improving information processing when tackling the LGBTI issue.

  • Release of a report on LGBTI individuals situation in Cameroon 
  • Roundtables on Human LGBTI individuals rights for the actors of the judicial and penitentiary world 



expected results 

Result 1 : In the zones targeted by the project, LGBTI individuals benefited from an adequate oprotection and defense.

Result 2 : In the zones targeted by the project, there was a reinforcement of the visibility and cooperation between LGBTI actors in Cameroon were reinforced. 

Result 3 : DIn the zones targeted by the project, there was an improvment of the dialogue between cameroonian auhtorities and local/ international LGBTI individuals rights defense organizations. 




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