Avocats Sans Frontières Network

Serving the most vulnerable




It was during the International Conference of Common Legal Tradition Bars (CIB) and under the initiative of Bar Chairmen Mario Stasi and Titinga Pacéré that Avocats Sans Frontières was born; it emerged in december 1991 after a resolution was passed during a Congress in Yaoundé. The first association was set up in 1992.  

The first emblematic operation led by Avocats Sans Frontières was "Justice for All in Rwanda" crafted by the late 1994 and set up by the late 1996. It consisted in organising the defense of foreign lawyers defending genocide defendants and victims in Rwandan trial proceedings. This experience, which was a milestone for the movement, was also in the history of Justice a great first achievements, which was unanimously praised.

It was only from 1998 on, that Avocats Sans Frontières grew with the creation of national associations in Danemark, France, Netherland, Italy, Mali, Mauritania, Sweden, and as well in Switzerland.

Later on, many others were created in Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, and Guinea-Conakry.

Up to now, different national components of the network became notorious everywhere with the numerous quality initiatives in the field of law and justice. 

The current activities of national ASF are significant and their visibility demands a better cohesion among the group.  

Likewise, due the amount of sollicitations addressed to Avocats Sans Frontières, there is a need for an international scale development of the network.  

The website of ASF network: www.asf-network.org

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