International Penal Defense - Reinforcement 2



For lawyers as well as for other judicial and justice professions, day-to-day action and interventions abroad lead to an extensive use of different international texts and mechanisms focused on Human Rights protection.


This seminary is designed for lawyers, jurists, and other law professionals who are involved in day-to-day action and abroad interventions, and thus use different international texts and mechanisms focused on Human Rights protection and defence rights.

The International Penal Court (IPC), whose vocation is to try individuals for genocide crimes, war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of agression, was set up on July 1, 2002. The IPC, alike  many international penal tribunals and ad hoc international penal jurisdictions, follows specific procedure rules. 



- Case-analysis, situation-simulation, switch between small and big group works, roles plays.

- Texts records on penal jurisdictions procedures and the IPC will be used as a reference for every step of the training. 



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Dates : 6 au 7 novembre 2015

Location : Paris

 This training has been certified by the french National Council of the Bars. 


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