How to act with Avocats Sans Frontières France

If you want to take part in our action, you can :


volunteer ***************************************************


ASF activities are based on the principle that volunteers capabilities must be strengthened, especially on a methodological level, in order for them to operate rationally and efficiently when they work with us. 

All the volunteers who want to be involved in our project has to undertake training sessions: 

  1. a participation to the "Instructors training courses"  (see the ).It prepares to training activities that will be carried out on the ground
  2. a participation to other training courses (on the use of international justice instruments for human rights defenders and international criminal justice). 
  3. the incorporation in a project group and participation to the current work of this project group. Project groups handle the preparation of missions and missions' launching decisions.

IE  : to volunteer with ASF you must in addition be a member.




bai *********************************************

For students only

Internship Opportunities

Spontaneous applications: please sens a resume and a cover letter to :




bam1 bam2******************************


Depending on the need

Employment Opportunities

Spontaneous applications: please send a resume and a cover letter to


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