Communiqué de presse ASF France condamne l'exécution de Nigérians en Indonésie


Avocats Sans Frontières France/ Lawyers Without Borders France


Press Release – Abuja January 21, 2015               

 ASF France condemns execution of Nigerians in Indonesia, urges the Nigerian government to establish official moratorium

( ASF France condamne l'exécution des Nigérians en Indonésie , demande instamment au gouvernement nigérian d'établir moratoire officiel )

The disheartening news of the execution of two Nigerian nationals by the Indonesian government on the 18th of January, 2015 represents a setback in the global fight to abolish the death penalty. Both men were among the six persons who were executed by firing squad in Indonesia on drug related charges.

Avocats Sans Frontières France (ASF France) strongly condemns the executions and urges the Nigerian government to intensify its efforts towards retracting the 12 Nigerians on death row in Indonesia who still face the risk of death.

ASF France is deeply disturbed by this event especially in view of the fact that the Nigerian government and the National Assembly made several pleas for clemency which were bluntly ignored by the Indonesian government.

While ASF France recognizes the response of the Nigerian government so far, it also finds its reaction to be a contradiction of some sorts. This is especially in view of the fact that Nigeria which still retains the death penalty in its laws is lending its voice to the protest being carried out by countries like Brazil, Australia and Netherlands which have all expunged the death sentence from their laws. Only last month, 54 soldiers of the Nigerian army were sentenced to death.

Like Indonesia, Nigeria resumed executions in 2013, breaking an unofficial moratorium that had been in place since 2007. It will be recalled that the Nigerian government executed four of its own nationals in Edo state on the 23rd of June, 2013.

“The death penalty has not been shown to deter crimes more than other forms of punishment, therefore its application regardless should be interpreted as a blatant disregard for human life and therefore, a violation of the right to life, said Angela Uwandu, Head of Office ASF France.“The death penalty is especially cruel, inhuman and degrading”.

ASF France therefore calls on the Nigeria government to strengthen its voice in the international community by establishing an official moratorium on the death penalty to forestall further executions within its own territory.


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