ASF France demande un moratoire sur les exécutions au Nigéria

Communiqué du presse du 5 octobre 2015 :

Avocats Sans Frontières France urges the new government in Nigeria to officially declare moratorium on all executions

Avocats Sans Frontières uses the occasion of the 13th world day against the death penalty to urge the Federal Government of Nigeria to declare a moratorium on the death penalty.

Nigeria had in the past successfully implemented a de facto moratorium prior to the last executions in 2013. A re-instatement of this moratorium will only re-enforce Nigeria's position on respect for human rights and will also give the country a stronger voice in the international community.

ASF France also uses this occasion to commend the Executive governor of Kadun State Mallam El-Rufai for his gesture towards detainees on death row in Kaduna prisons. The governor signed the commutal Order for eight detainees on death row in Kaduna prisons in exercise of his power of Prerogative of Mercy as outlined under Section 212 of the 1999 Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria. The detainees had their death sentence reduced to between 10 and 15 years except one detainee who had his death sentence commuted to life imprisonment.

ASF France urges other state governors to consider following suit in the case of detainees on death row in their states and beyond. ASF France reiterates that the death penalty does not deter crimes more than other forms of punishment and execution is irreversible. ASf France as a matter of principle remains opposed to the use of the death penalty in all situations and circumstances because it is a violation of the fundamental right to life.


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